Bowls in silver, ceramics and the lovely tableware that gives the extra touch!   


PRODUCTS: New Motion silver bowl -  Tong Embossed Rose, - Pottery jar with spoon, Tele - Tomatspade, Embossed Rose - Pottery with spoon, Dragon

   Bring life to the home with the warm hues of these gilded products.   
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   Bringing pleasure to others – presenting gifts of lasting value – is what we call pure pleasure.   



Our masterpieces embody the very best traditions of craftsmanship and production. Our craftsmen and women are intimately knowledgeable about all aspects of the goldsmith's profession.


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Knowingly or unknowingly, we all share a growing affection for Norwegian culture, design and history. No doubt, it is this realisation that makes ever more of us seek lasting value and quality. When we speak of superb silverware, we are not simply reflecting the benefits of dining with silver, but also the artistic, cultural and traditional values it embodies. A fine cutlery set should be more than just something to eat with, just as a meal should be more than just food. The sense of occasion and atmosphere are an important highlight of our everyday lives. Th. Marthinsen's supreme standards of quality are your best possible guarantee. Silverware from our forges has embellished the lives of generations. Our sets range from fondly remembered classic designs to modern creations. Besides being a precious metal, silver is also inherently hygienic. This reassuring attribute underscores the value of silver on the dinner table. Modern silverware is created for the modern household and is dishwasher-safe. Beautiful items should be used daily! Silverware grows in value from daily use and heightens the quality of the meal. 


Our silverware

   Th. Marthinsen embodies Norwegian design and handcraft. Exclusive artistic pieces manifest the unique quality of the work. The ceramics are designed by us and hand-made by Sara Skotte in her workshop in Oslo.   

  Proud purveyors of the Royal Cups 
   His Royal Highness the King's Royal Cups are the most highly sought-after Norwegian trophies awarded at national championships in a range of sports and disciplines.   
  Service and maintenance  
   We are honoured to repair and repolish your valuable heirlooms. For professional polishing of silverware and other products please call for more information. More details are provided here.   
  Th. Marthinsen 
   The Th. Marthinsen firm was established in 1883. For five generations we have been renowned as a exciting purveyor of handcrafted precious metals. Our customers appreciate the supreme quality and high service level we consistently deliver.   
   We demand high standards from our dealers. Our products are sold nationwide. Find your nearest dealer here, or call us and we will do what we can to help.   

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